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    Post man drops a letter through the letter box of 7 year old fairy-like Rosy's house in London, addressed to Rosy with her home address neatly typed, bearing a Royal Mail machine stamp. The letter/card came from Santa Claus, who lives in the North Pole.

    Santa Writes back from the North Pole
    The mailbox Rosy posted her letter in

    Rosy wrote a letter to Santa, and sent it to him 2 days before Christmas. She made a Christmas card, did some art work with a drawing of a Christmas tree, a wrapped present, a snowman in the middle and a candy cane; she wrote MERRY CHRISTMAS and drew a Star next to it, put it in an envelope and addressed it to ‘Santa, the North Pole.’

    This is what she wrote:

    Dear Santa,

    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

    I hope you had a nice time delivering presents at night.

    I also hope the reindeers had a nice time eating their carrots. I hope the elves had a nice time wrapping the presents with you.

    I hope I have a nice Christmas.

    Please, can I have a perfume making set for Christmas.

    Merry Christmas.


    She asked her parents to post her letter. Parents seriously deliberated - whether to post it or not, to the strange address: the waste of a postage stamp!

    Mom took Rosy's letter, put a local stamp and dropped it in the neighborhood Red Post box, not far from home.

    On Christmas Eve, Santa came, squeezing himself through the narrow Chimney of their living room. His reindeers ate the carrots placed there by the family; Father Christmas himself ate the Christmas pudding, drank the milk, left presents for all three sisters and went back to the North Pole on his sleigh (with Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer leading the way), planning to return next Christmas Eve.

    Gifts from Santa

    Rosy got a pair of Owl gloves and a jewelry making set; her older sister got body spray, perfume and lip gloss. Little sister got a very big art and craft box.

    A massive candy cane and a big Santa Chocolate were included for all three.

    Christmas passed and on Jan 3, a surprise to Rosy and her parents, and to me, the Grandma, visiting them from Pakistan.

    Santa Writes back from the North Pole
    The letter Santa sent to Rosy

    Santa actually WROTE to Rosy!

    I asked her who wrote the letter, when she came into the living room, carrying the envelope; she casually remarked in her Kings English: "Santa sent it".

    And Santa did send a letter - a card - to Rosy, responding to her hand written letter to him.

    Santa and his team designed the card, printed it, wrote a meaningful message for Rosy and all young boys and girls to be good and to begin the being good lesson by helping his Elves find a route to the Christmas Pudding, in a puzzle game, drawn on one side to the Card.

    Smart as little Rosy is, it took her 20 seconds to go through the maze game, getting to the Christmas Pudding. She obeyed Santa's instructions, to help the Elf find his food.

    The Message

    Santa Writes back from the North Pole
    The maze to help the elves find their way

    Santa and his team work very hard delivering presents to all the boys and girls of the world.

    They worked day and night.

    They sincerely delivered presents and after their hard work they responded to millions of letters received.

    Now Santa is resting after his hard work, with his feet on the foot stool, but hard work will begin again, preparing for the coming Christmas.

    Who is Santa, and who feels so much for the little boys and girls?

    Santa Writes back from the North Pole

    Here, in the case of London, the State, Social Services, Church, and parents keep the Magic of Santa and Christmas presents alive. Parents play a major role.

    State and State Social Services have spent thousands of pounds in creating the card and delivering by post to Rosy's home and to boys and girls across the UK who wrote letters to him at his North Pole address.

    To my query "Where does Santa live?" Rosy responded- as if the PhD Dadi was dumb - "NORTH POLE!"

    "Oh, Ok", said Dadi and left it at that!

    Here is the card Sent by Santa and the message written on it. I took photos with my IPhone.

    I hope all State institutions and parents of all countries of the world take similar care of their young girls and boys!

    And the children abide by and follow the message sent by Santa as well as from their parents - to be good through the years, work very hard, and continue doing good things throughout their lives.

    Santa Writes back from the North Pole
    The envelope

    Using a huge English magnifying glass, I was able to read the name of the publisher and find the answer to my question of who had prepared and posted the card:

    English Royal Mail, the Cruciform and the color Red are Registered Trademarks of Royal Mail Group Ltd. Copyright Royal Mail Group Ltd 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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