'Cross Roads III, A Sufi Journey'

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    'Cross Roads III, A Sufi Journey'

    Cross Roads III, A Sufi Journey

    Cross Roads III, A Sufi Journey’, an exhibition by the Canadian based artist Haris Sheikh covers the theme of spiraling and spinning dervishes. The paintings focus on the inner self which is contented with the material it possesses. Shades of coffee colour depict a dominant inner self with a taste of Rumi’s poetry here and there. The artist’s aim is to utilize art as a medium to spread tolerance and peace, a form to showcase the collective consciousness, a mechanism that transcends all obstacles and liberates people in the true sense of the word. Some of the work is done in glazed tile depicting the Islamic art. His work also represents the Sikh period rebellion, the Ghadar movement with a message of harmony and tolerance amongst the various communities of the region. Some paintings are a representation of where he comes from; one of the paintings titled as Hijab portrays the difficulties faced by Muslim communities residing overseas. For the artist, art is a medium to showcase what he really believes in. His painting on the Sikh rebellion called ‘Komagatumaru’ is all set to be displayed at the National Archives of Canada on the 100th anniversary of the Ghadar movement against the British Empire.  The exhibition attracted people from all strata of society who lauded the effort.

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