'Four Fabulous Fascinations'

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    'Four Fabulous Fascinations'

    This exhibition about four female painters opened at Gallery 6 on 7th August. All four women’s focus of work are very different. 

    Mubina Zuberi’s paints the female form, unless she is doing some abstract work.  She had three paintings on display, of brooding and pensive women, and one seemed to wear a crown. Rich in earth tones, she said that she was experimenting with creating different textures.

    Fauzia Minallah is a woman with diverse interests, but an important one being our threatened environment. All her paintings were about trees: blooming with flowers or just trunks of trees peeping through the morning mist.  She explained that she was painting what was her current preoccupation, the felling of thousands of trees for the ill-conceived metro bus project.   

    Zohra Amrata Shah is an emerging artist. Her work was very arresting and disturbing as the theme of her work was child abuse, a social evil which is rampant in our society, but which is brushed under the carpet. The vulture was omnipresent in all her paintings, a metaphor for the predator of children. Vulnerable looking children sometimes feature in the background, but the vultures dominate the canvas.

    Sajida Hussain’s work is romantic, using pastel hues. She creates a fantasy world of idealized forms of humans and horses.   

    It was an interesting collection of our women artists. The turnout of art aficionados was not too great. Arjumand Faisal, the owner and curator of Gallery 6 complained that all this political agitation was having a negative effect on his business.

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