The Event that Never Happened

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    The Event that Never Happened

    Kuch Khaas on the 6th of March hosted a Baithak (Sitting), where people would have the opportunity to listen to and be moved by the mystical poetry of Allama Iqbal. Iqbal was and continues to be responsible for changing the very paradigm of peoples’ thinking through the mysterious power of his words. He opens up a dimension of life, which many of us busy with the mundane, leave unexplored.

    This past Thursday at 6:30 pm, people were to gather to pay homage to the philosopher/poet, who is also associated with having provided that mental energy to the otherwise slumber stricken people of the subcontinent, which finally culminated in the movement that gave us our homeland. One went in expecting to find the hall was full of people as they nodded to the sublime literature which reinvigorates that sleeping spirit in us.

    If only!

    The room where the Baithak was to take place remained empty till 7 pm. Only two people bothered to show up and the event ended up being cancelled.

    Let us for the fear of over generalizing not draw conclusions on the basis of just one event. Let us not. On the 24th of December, there was another event again organized at Kuch Khaas, “Revisiting Jinnah’s Pakistan”, where eminent speakers like Raza Rumi, Ilhan Niaz and Yasser Latif Hamdani wanted to discuss the ideological leanings of Jinnah. On that occasion too, benches remained largely empty. It makes one think, particularly when you consider the overwhelming interest and presence noted as other events such as plays, comedy skits, concerts and match screenings. I am comparing oranges with apples, you say. Yes I am. It is alright to eat a lot of oranges, but “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” - remember.

    Therefore it would do us good as a nation to pay due diligence to the nation’s founding fathers. Let us take out time to learn more about them whenever there is an opportunity, as was provided to us just yesterday.

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