Uraan: Breaking Free with a New Line

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    Uraan: Breaking Free with a New Line

    If tradition could intersect with modernity, if apparel techniques converged with artistic imagination, would it give birth to the independent woman? This is what a young enterprising art and design student from Islamabad wished to create: a line of clothing that she felt symbolized the changing rhythm of the generation, but with the complexity of traditional design.

    Over the weekend, Rahema Amjad launched her line, Uraan, with the theme Break Free. As the city became littered with exhibitions by old and new faces in the design world, she felt that there were very few who were attempting to really push the boundaries of what apparel design could be. Thus, the desire for ‘Uraan’, a niche for the ‘liberated, confident and strong.’

    ‘Uraan’ is a product of her passionate personality, creative mind and a bachelors in textiles. The shirts were block and screen-printed of her own designs. They were relatively inexpensive, which drew in a large crowd for the opening exhibit. Rahema hopes that it is not just her clothing line that is able to “Break Free”, but the concepts behind her prints of realizing the unique, creative and liberated self. 

    To learn more about Uraan visit their Facebook page.


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