Viva Cuba (2005)

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    Google Translation: اُردو | 中文

    Viva Cuba (2005)

    Directed by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti

    This was the second film shown at the Brazilian Film Festival, before the Festival was cancelled “due to unforeseen circumstances”, which caused disappointment to the Brazilian film aficionados.

    Viva Cuba is a sensitive and charming film made from the perspective of children, and pokes fun at the self-importance and prejudices of adults that they try to impose on their children. Set in Cuba, two good friends, Malu and Jorgito are forced to runaway from their homes, because Malu does not wish to go abroad with her mother, and leave her network of school, friends and family.

    They travel from Havana all the way to Baracoa, to persuade Malu’s father (since her parents are divorced), not to sign the papers that will allow her to be taken out of the country. The viewer is regaled to views of the beautiful Cuban countryside, as the children travel from Varadero to Trinidad and then onto Baracoa. Malu’s mother’s class hang-ups disappear as the two mothers give each other emotional support in this difficult hour. The children’s journey brings home the fact that Cuba is a safe country with an efficient police system.

    A most delightful film that helps correct the often-skewed perspective of adults.

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