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    Alia Bilgrami wins Asian Art Prize 2014-15

    Written by: Maryam Muhammad - Posted on: July 01, 2015 | Post your comment here Comments | 中文 (Chinese)

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    Alia Bilgrami wins Asian Art Prize 2015

    Anida Yoeu Ali and Alia Bilgrami at the Sovereign Asian Art Prize ceremony

    Alia Bilgrami, the gifted Islamabad based artist, has won the Schoeni Public Prize 2014-15. The Schoeni Public Prize, part of the Sovereign Asian Art prize, is one of the most coveted contemporary art awards in the Asia Pacific region. Bilgrami, who has previously worked for Youlin Magazine as an art critic, is currently the curator at Islamabad’s Khaas Gallery. The young visual artist has exhibited her work internationally to wide acclaim . She is known for using various art techniques simultaneously; her artwork often displays her fragmented identity and the resulting sense of dislocation. The winning piece, ‘Diorama Desire’, is a part of the artist’s collection “Out of the Forest”, which is an exploration of natural forms, textures and strengths, together with an underlying sense of displacement.

    Asian Art Prize 2015 winning piece, 'Diorama Desire'

    The winning piece, 'Diorama Desire'

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