The Power of Illusions

    Written by: Amna Javed
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    Artworks by M. Ali Bhatti (L) and Kazi Salahuddin Ahmed (R) - Art Exhibition: The Power of Illusions at Nomad Art Gallery

    Artworks by M. Ali Bhatti (L) and Kazi Salahuddin Ahmed (R)

    An exhibition of artworks by eminent artistes M. Ali Bhatti from Pakistan and Kazi Salahuddin from Bangladesh opened here at Nomad Art Gallery, Islamabad on Monday 4th May 2015.

    Bhatti explains that he has been immersed in the mystery and emotions of non-objective painting, as he finds it more challenging, exciting and closer to his heart. “I enjoy spontaneity with energetic bold brush strokes and honest expressions,” he said. His art, form and content, is molded with energetic colors and textures that give the illusion of appearance and disappearance of elements within the picture. Ali Bhatti considers painting a moral and social responsibility, and uses it to explore and understand the cultural and spiritual identity. His collection titled, ‘Absurd Illusions’ intends to comment on the current ambiguous and confused nature of society in Pakistan. These paintings are the artists’ response to what he sees and feels about the society where traditional political maneuvering takes center stage and politicians attempt to create illusions in order to fool the innocent citizens. ‘Through my paintings, I have depicted what I feel about the contradictions between traditional feudalism and the absurd perception of democracy in Pakistan.”

    Art Exhibition: The Power of Illusions at Nomad Art Gallery

    M. Ali Bhatti's portrayal of a 'confused' society

    On the other hand, Kazi Salahuddin Ahmed, resident of the old city of Dhaka, attempts to break the stereotype that old Dhaka has become irrelevant and, to some extent, unwanted in the modern day context.  The old city of Dhaka was characterized by a unique urban culture that is best reflected in its architecture. However, with the advent of modernity, the character of the city changed. The traditional way of life that once separated Dhaka from the others is fast diminishing. Through his paintings, the artist has tried to reinvent the old city and has brought the cityscapes onto his canvas in a manner that it shows that Dhaka still has a lot to offer. The form, color and composition adopted by Salahuddin reflect this central theme. The artist commented that he has also incorporated elements from his childhood memories and daily life rituals in his paintings. Immaculately blending these components, Salahuddin has been able to reflect the fantastic rhythm, music, smell and texture of the old city.

    Art Exhibition: The Power of Illusions at Nomad Art Gallery

    Opening day of the exhibiton 'Absurd Illusions' at Nomad

    The opening day of the exhibition brought together foreign dignitaries, local artists and art enthusiasts from across the city to enjoy the thought provoking work by the featured artists. The exhibition will continue at Nomad Art Gallery till 14th May 2015.

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