'Chinese Mela': Celebrating 65 Years of Pak-China Relations

    Written by: Sana Shahid
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    The Hunan Provincial Performing Art Group of China with a classical Chinese dance routine - Chinese Mela: Celebrating 65 Years of Pak-China Relations

    The Hunan Provincial Performing Art Group of China with a classical Chinese dance routine

    In a spectacle of festivity and celebration, the Chinese Mela was held at Lok Virsa, Islamabad, on the 21st and 22nd of May, 2016. The event aimed to honor the 65th Anniversary of Pak-China Relations, and was inaugurated by H.E. Ambassador Sun Weidong and Madam Bao Ji Qing, along with Pakistan’s Minister of Information, Senator Pervaiz Rashid.

    The Mela emphasized Chinese culture and cuisine, and consisted of a photographic exhibition, as well as craftwork from Pakistani and Chinese artisans. The Mela concluded with a delightful musical ceremony at the symbolic Pak-China Friendship Center, comprising performances by tremendously skilled artists, from both Pakistan and China.

    The event started off with a speech by the Chinese Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Sun Weidong, who heartily encouraged the organizers and expressed admiration for all the performers present. He stated that, 65 years ago, Pakistan was one of the first countries to recognize the People’s Republic of China. Ever since, China-Pakistan relations have set an example for the growth of state-to-state relations, treating each other with mutual respect, support and understanding over the decades.

    Chinese Mela: Celebrating 65 Years of Pak-China Relations

    Addressing the audience, Senator Pervaiz Rashid said that this 65th anniversary is not just a formal occasion; it is a unique celebration of a unique relationship. He added that poetic expressions such as ‘higher than the Himalayas’, ‘deeper than the oceans’ and ‘sweeter than honey’ have been used as adjectives to describe the Pak-China friendship.

    Chinese Mela: Celebrating 65 Years of Pak-China Relations

    Singer Mo Qian Qian performing a Miao National Song

    The Hunan Provincial Performing Art Group of China and PNCA (Pakistan National Council of the Arts) expertly handled all the preparations and provided an aesthetic feast to visitors from both countries. Clad in vibrant costumes and sparkling jewelry, Chinese performers showcased their culture through extravagant traditional dances and classical music. The dances were exquisitely synchronized, taking the audience on a trip across traditional China. The interactive musical performances also kept the viewers engaged. Mo Qian Qian, one of the singers, not only sang the Miao National Song, but ended her performance with a rendition of Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan. This lovely act won the hearts of the audience, and was one of the highlights of the show.

    Another mesmerizing act was the Jiang Bang Shang de Balei (‘Ballet Shoulder’). The live ballet stunts and steps of the performing couple, with remarkably soothing music in the background, showed their expertise and amazed the crowd. There was a round of applause after every few moments during this performance.

    The Pakistani performers highlighted classical music and folk dances in their acts, using traditional musical instruments. The Chinese audience cherished the folk dances, colorful dresses, and desi beats. The Pakistani acts comprised performances from all four provinces. Diva Dance, a Balochi act, brought a high level of excitement in the crowd. One could feel their energy and intensity on stage, enhanced by the dresses, ornamentation, and hypnotizing dance steps. The performance concluded with a huge round of applause.

    One particularly intriguing aspect in this exchange of cultures was the inclusion of various traditional instruments. Zhon Yan played a striking classical Chinese instrument, Er Hu, which captivated the Pakistani audience. On the other hand, people from China were enthralled by the Tabla, Baansuri, and Rubab, which created classical mellow symphonies that echoed in the hall till the conclusion of the event.

    Chinese Mela: Celebrating 65 Years of Pak-China Relations

    Group photo of all the performers and event managers

    Closing the night, a group of Chinese dancers named ‘Huan Le De Zi Ka’ threw souvenirs towards the audience. In order to spread the message of love and mutual respect, they also brought various audience members to the stage, including the chief guests. This provided the perfect conclusion to a day that was focused on celebrating the friendship between two countries, and that will hopefully serve as a gateway to more of such cultural exchanges.

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