'Collective': Nomad Gallery Showcases the Work of Multiple Artists

    Written by: Sana Shahid
    Posted on: October 14, 2016 | Post your comment here Comments | 中文

    'Collective' at Nomad Gallery - Collective Art Exhibition at Nomad Gallery Islamabad

    'Collective' at Nomad Gallery

    A group exhibition titled ‘Collective’ was inaugurated on 13th October at Nomad Art Gallery. The show features artworks that are unique not only in genre but also in the diversity of their technique, imagery and concept. The featured artists are Ahmad Habib, Anjum Ayub, Asad-ur-Rehman, Ayesha Siddiqui, Farrah Adnan, Fizza Siddiqui, Iram Wani, Nadeem Ahmad, Riffat Khattak, Salma Manzoor, Samina A. Akhtar, Samreen Asif, Tabbasum Rizvi, Tayyaba Aziz, Zahra Shamail and Zia Zaidi

    The artists have narrated their concepts in the form of dramatic stories. “My art ventures revolve around my own orbit, spreading around my space and objects”, says Ahmad Habib, whose work is as versatile as his personality. He focuses on turning ordinary objects into masterpieces by emphasizing their beauty.
    Artworks by the Punjab University graduates – Ayesha Siddiqui, Salma Manzoor, Samina Akhtar, and Samreen Asif – were particularly remarkable. Salma and Samreen’s work centers on Asian women who have been travelling to various places around the world and achieving the freedom that they truly deserve. “Moving to China helped me to explore myself, and the rich culture laid a great impact on my work”, says Salma. Samreen believes that Nomad Art Gallery not only provides a platform for young artists to exhibit their works, but also encourages women to follow their heart and pursue their dreams. On the other hand, Samina Akhtar’s calligraphic paintings reflect the beauty of Islamic teachings. 

    Two of the most distinguished and experienced printmakers in the show, Iram Wani and Anjum Ayub, have shown through their work what it means to be a female artist. Their artworks reflect their own lives, and how they have matured over the years. “The contemplation of a female mortal is a symbolic representation of the interminable struggles of the female soul in times of turmoil, living in a society that is held behind by the manacles of ancient bondages”, Iram Wani explains her work.

    Collective Art Exhibition at Nomad Gallery Islamabad

    Visitors at the show

    As a miniaturist, Farrah Adnan has used her skills to shed light on social and political issues, showing the abuse of power as the root cause for the corruption and injustice in contemporary society. She uses her artworks to spread a message of unity, peace and equality.

    Tayyaba Aziz explores the transcendence of time through her work. “Time is what keeps everything from happening at once. We always compare our present experiences to our dim memories of past experiences.”

    Artists such as Asad-ur-Rehman and Nadeem Ahmed have been displaying their paintings and sculptures at Nomad Gallery on a regular basis. Nadeem Ahmed has mastered the art of depicting people’s thoughts and feelings through the strokes of his brush.

    Collective Art Exhibition at Nomad Gallery Islamabad

    Artists Abbas Shah and Najam Kazmi

    Tabassam Rizvi’s works are painted in such a way that they leave the viewer thinking. Her impressionistic paintings are an amalgamation of light and shade, and fleeting forms that create a mystery onto the canvas.

    Zia Zaidi, Zahra Shamail, and Riffat Khattak have worked on deeply personal concepts. Zahra’s focus on women and their emotions is expertly depicted through her watercolor paintings.

    When it comes to managing art exhibitions and cultural events on a regular basis, Nomad Gallery truly takes the cake. It seems as if the gallery director Nageen Hyat and her team never take a break, and are constantly planning ahead. Their hard work has paid off in the form of some exceptional shows in the last few months.

    Collective Art Exhibition at Nomad Gallery Islamabad

    Director Nageen Hyat in conversation with the artists and guests

    ‘Collective’ is an exhibition that skillfully showcases the diversity of Pakistani culture and art. From concept to implementation, the show features an astonishing amount of variety, and makes for a collection that is well worth checking out.

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