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    Nasdaq Celebrates Pakistan's Independence Day

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    Nasdaq Celebrates Independence Day of Pakistan

    Pakistan's Independence Day celebrations at Nasdaq, New York

    Dr Lodhi rang the closing bell at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in New York’s Wall Street, marking the celebration of Pakistan’s independence that the Pakistan American Business Association had helped organize. The Pakistan flag decorated a giant screen in the Times Square, and the ceremony was carried live on it, while all American television channels covered it in their financial segments. Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN, herself dressed in Pakistan’s green, eloquently informed the audience that “Pakistan is on the rise”, its economy on the upswing, inflation down, foreign exchange reserves increasing while remittances were at a record high. Stressing the fact that it now had an investor-friendly environment, she highlighted Pakistan’s importance as the regional hub of trade and energy corridors, an indirect reference to the $46 billion project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor or CPEC.

    Nasdaq Celebrates Independence Day of Pakistan


    She read out the Prime Minister’s message: “Pakistan has a bright economic future, powered by a hard-working people and its resilient democracy”.  Dr Maleeha Lodhi had once again created a synergy in projecting a dynamic image of Pakistan, but this time on the Wall Street.

    Nasdaq Celebrates Independence Day of Pakistan


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