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    Restaurant Review: Zigolini's

    Written by: Staff Report - Posted on: November 24, 2015 | Post your comment here Comments

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    Zigolini Restaurant Marriott Hotel Islamabad

    Zigolini Restaurant Marriott Hotel Islamabad

    Zigolini’s is one of the restaurants housed in the Marriott Hotel of Islamabad, and its draw was its authentic flavours as an Italian pasta place. In the mid-price range, its sauces have been of a high standard.

    There seems to have been a change of chefs, and gone are the days of an Italian chef working in the open kitchen. The Lasagna Rustica was layers of thick pasta laced with desi style mince sauce, the pasta stiff at the edges. It was a far cry from the lasagne I had eaten in St Petersburg that melted in your mouth. However, its Tagliatelle ai Funghi in white mushroom sauce was not bad. Its appetizers and salads are still good and fresh, but the quality of the main dishes varies.

    Zigolini Restaurant Marriott Hotel Islamabad

    Lasagna Rustica (left), Tagliatelle ai Funghi in white mushroom sauce (right)

    While only two tables were occupied, the Italian supervisor hovering in the background made no attempt to ask how our food was. The service was good and responsive, but the quality of food has gone down. The heating was off in the Marriott and that didn’t help the experience.

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