The Beauty of stillness

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    The Beauty of stillness

    The Burrow, a poem by Franz Kafka is the inspiration behind the pieces being exhibited at the Taseer Art Gallery in Lahore this week.  The exhibition is titled as ‘But the most beautiful thing about my burrow is the stillness’ and the artists presenting their masterpieces include Sarah Mumtaz, Sarah Hashmi, Naira Mushtaq and Zara Asghar. Sarah Mumtaz’s work is exhibited with the title, Bee Queen, She Was Always Waiting, It Was Her Forte and Joint Family, the materials used are dry ball point on paper and the idea is to comprehend and deform the way our society understands beauty.  Sarah Hasmi’s work is called That which has no existence enters where there is no crevice, and oil and acrylics have been used on images. The work depicts the idea of hope and conviction in the existence of the divine. Naira Mushtaq’s pieces are self-portraits employing paint and patchwork.  Figures are not apparent in Zara Asghar’s collection using charcoal on simple paper and themed as I & II (diptych) and III & IV (diptych).

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