Usual Unusual - An Exhibition Full of Surprises

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    Usual Unusual - Gallery 6 Islamabad - Art Exhibition

    Abrar Ahmed's usual bright themes have been replaced by somber shades of brown

    The gallery 6 in Islamabad is hosting a unique exhibition in which six distinguished artists are presenting artworks that are quite different from their usual styles. The exhibition is titled “Usual Unusual” and it features the work of Akram Spaul, Masood A. Khan, Abid Hasan, Mohammad Ali Bhatti, Abrar Ahmed, and A.S. Rind.

    Masood A. Khan’s artworks always grab attention because of their phenomenal execution. Whether it is still life, a village setting or an urban scene, he accurately visualizes and successfully captures the lights and shades in all his paintings, creating elegant, multi-dimensional artworks. Khan’s works in the current exhibition include a spectacular piece in a completely different medium – grout; a mixture of cement, gravel, sand, colors and water that is used in masonry. The remarkable quality about the piece is that it gives the appearance of a painted three-dimensional rock, but at the same time, maintains the “transparency effect” that Khan is renowned for.   

    Usual Unusual - Gallery 6 Islamabad - Art Exhibition

    Akram Spaul is renowned for his photorealistic paintings

    Akram Spaul is a realist painter, famous for his photorealistic depiction of ordinary situations and mundane objects, such as a piece of furniture, a wooden door, a clothesline, etc., focusing on intricate details that bring his work to life. His artworks seek to draw attention to the beauty of simple things and people that is often overlooked. In this exhibition, Spaul’s work is unique in that he explores a new genre; landscapes. One particularly impressive painting depicts a number of waving Pakistani flags whose motion in the wind is masterfully captured.

    Abrar Ahmed’s usual paintings are works of romance that serve to glorify the sensual beauty of the female form. Taking inspiration from traditional miniature art, he gives a stylized representation of women with elongated necks, fragile hands, and deep, communicative eyes. In this exhibition, however, we see a deviation from his routine artworks. Here the beautified bodies have been substituted with despondent faces and anxious expressions. His usual bright themes have been replaced by somber shades of brown, and he has used fine black brushstrokes which give his work a dark feel.

    Abid Hasan expertly uses a range of colors and shades in his paintings that enrich his artwork and captivate viewers. His compositions are intense, vibrant, colorful and vivacious, reflecting his artistic ability and brilliant execution skills. In the current exhibition, he presents mix-media paintings that subtly and skillfully incorporate faces depicting different emotions into abstract patterns.

    Usual Unusual - Gallery 6 Islamabad - Art Exhibition

    Oil on canvas portrait painting by Mohammad Ali Bhatti

    Mohammad Ali Bhatti has always been passionate about portrait painting, and is fascinated with the inner world of his subjects. He is a master in synchronization techniques of color tones and textures. He converts simple expressions into complex ones by manipulating the background, lighting, shadows, and transition tones. Although he is generally known for using minimal brushstrokes, his two paintings in this exhibition employ bold, twisting strokes. One expresses feelings of joy and festivity while the other depicts protest.   

    Finally, Rind is renowned for his sensual representation of females, wearing bright colored clothes and traditional jewelry. In this exhibition he surprises art enthusiasts by diverging from his usual style with a figurative abstraction that uses bold strokes and vibrant colors. The painting provides evidence of his versatility as an artist. 

    The exhibition will continue till 2nd November.

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