Young Talent: Nomad Gallery Showcases the Works of Miniaturists, Painters and a Printmaker

    Written by: Sana Shahid
    Posted on: September 02, 2016 | Post your comment here Comments | 中文

    Fizza Siddiqui's printwork - Nomad Gallery Exhibition: Work of Miniaturists, Painters and a Printmaker

    Fizza Siddiqui's printwork

    Nomad Gallery never ceases to impress art enthusiasts, with back to back series of diverse art exhibitions. The most recent one, titled simply as Young Artists, provides the ideal platform to the emerging creative talent in the country. The show opened on 1st September, 2016, featuring works by Fizza Siddiqui, Hira Shakir, Momina Momina, Samreen Asif and Usman Khalid. The diverse artworks by these five young artists have provided the perfect setting for the approaching fall season.

    Nomad Gallery Exhibition: Work of Miniaturists, Painters and a Printmaker

    Hira Shakir's traditional miniature

    Miniature painter Hira Shakir has worked on the co-existence of patterns within patterns. Hira completed her Bachelor's Degree in Miniature Painting from the National College of Arts Rawalpindi, an institution known for producing exceptional artists by polishing their talents. Hira’s latest artworks are a manifestation of this statement, and they demonstrate her immense capabilities.

    Nomad Gallery Exhibition: Work of Miniaturists, Painters and a Printmaker

    Samreen Asif's artworks

    Miniaturists have remarkably keen observation skills, with exceptional abilities when it comes to seeing the minute detailing and accuracy of the subject. Samreen Asif, another miniature painter, has exhibited artworks showing tremendous skill and dexterity. She uses vibrant colours and a subtle atmosphere to depict the concept of liberty and eternal freedom for women. The inclusion of herbal colours adds a sense of serenity to her work, making it naturally pleasing to the eye.

    Nomad Gallery Exhibition: Work of Miniaturists, Painters and a Printmaker

    Momina uses vibrant colours to convey her message

    Paintings often tell you a story that can’t be put into words. Momina, one of the five artists, communicates with us through her art. “I’m deaf. I feel art was an integral part of my life when I was born, and it proved to be my mother tongue as I grew up”. This exhibition serves not merely to fulfill cravings for artistic expression, but also tells a unique story of a deaf artist who, despite her hardships, managed to make a name for herself and share her passion for art with the world. Momina received a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from Northumbria University, UK. She considers it a crucial time in her life, as it broadened her horizons and helped her transition into a qualified professional artist. Momina was the highlight of the show with her pleasant personality and delightful artworks. “The simplicity of my works corresponds to the complexity that hides within them. They are the life accounts of me in an orchestra of colours. Colours, To me, colours are like sounds, and my artistic creation is music in its own way”.

    Nomad Gallery Exhibition: Work of Miniaturists, Painters and a Printmaker

    Usman Khalid's captivating portrait

    Usman Khalid has created magic on the canvas by painting huge portraits that demonstrate ingenuity and unrivaled painting techniques. One can get lost in the lifelike expressions on the faces of his subjects. “An artwork can never achieve completion, as there is always room for so much more. But the process that an artwork goes through to achieve completion may prove to be enough”. This statement in itself reveals his devotion towards the process of creating art.   

    Fizza Siddiqui, a printmaker, expresses her empathy for refugees in her prints. Her artworks speak out for the people who haven’t been heard before, and make the audience feel the same pain that they feel in losing their houses, happiness, comfort, and everything that they spent their entire lives building. Faiza gives a voice to the kids whose lives transformed in the blink of an eye. Along with material things, they lost their memories somewhere along the way, and it seems like the way back has been destroyed forever.

    Nomad Gallery has once again succeeded in providing art lovers of the twin cities with an incredible show. It is imperative to provide a platform for young artists to showcase their talents and tell their stories, and the gallery is at the forefront in this regard. The exhibition will continue till September 18.

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