Food Review: The Charming 'Nutella Spot'

    Written by: Amna Israr
    Posted on: March 10, 2016 | Post your comment here Comments | 中文

    Nutella Lava Cake - Nutella Spot, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad

    Nutella Lava Cake

    If you're one of those people who like to indulge in the hazelnut joy of Nutella (who doesn’t?), then I come bearing great news, as Islamabad is now home to a cozy, intimate spot for chocolate lovers to fuel their cravings – The Nutella Spot. It has been over a month since my discovery of this cute little place, and I have treated myself with more than a few visits already. 

    Located in the action-packed vicinity of F-11 Markaz, Nutella Spot is a highly branded entrance in the eatery market of Islamabad. With a few small tools tucked in a corner, it is more of a pick-and-go kind of place. But if you’re looking for a treat on the spot, the open kitchen allows one to indulge the taste buds while watching the staff prepare freshly cooked Nutella Crepes, French Toast, and my personal favorite – the heavenly Molten Lava Cake (served with a Ferrero Rocher topping and vanilla ice cream) – which I’d recommend as the foremost on your must-try items. Crepes, French Toast and the unique 'Nutella Pizza' are served with banana/kiwi toppings, and the serving size is enough for two people to give it a try together. 

    Nutella Spot, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad

    Nutella French Toas                                                                Nutella Pancakes

    If you're on the run and looking for a quick fix, then have a look at the pastry case flaunting a variety of Nutella-infused treats like éclairs, tarts, delicious gooey brownies, and a variety of cupcakes.

    For those who like to complement their desserts with a warm cup of coffee, or who simply want to indulge in Nutella-flavored shakes for the forthcoming summer-beating work days, the place has it all! In fact, breakfast enthusiasts are in for a delight as the cereal menu and the choice of cereal toppings on display (Ferrero Rocher, M&M’s and Snickers) are an effortless boost in the ‘Nutella Spot’ experience.

    Nutella Spot, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad

    A warm, hospitable staff, speedy order completion, and happy taste buds won my approval for this place, and I propose it worth repeated trials – as they say, “Who needs love when you have Nutella!”

    All images have been taken from the ‘Nutella Spot’ Facebook page.

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