Review: Cuba Through the Lens of Zulfiqar Ali

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    A typical street scene - Photographic Exhibition by Zulfiqar Ali in Islamabad

    A typical street scene

    Zulfiqar Ali’s last photographic exhibition in Islamabad was about the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and was held in the Brazilian Embassy. This time the charming and popular Cuban Ambassador Jesus Zenen Buergo and his wife Dulce, hosted the exhibition in their house over the week-end. It was a well-attended event, because of the popularity of the hosts and Zufiqar’s reputation as a photographer.

    Photographic Exhibition by Zulfiqar Ali at Brazilian Embassy, Islamabad

    The exhibition

    The multi-faceted Zulfiqar, who also teaches tango, has an obvious penchant for the Latin culture, and if his photographs had captured the sensual beauty and energy of Rio’s carnival, those of Cuba conveyed the charm of a country frozen in time: an old woman pulls at a cigar, an old man’s profile is captured in black and white playing the trumpet, while another hangs around his cycle rickshaw waiting for a customer.  There were a few of Trinidad, one of the oldest Spanish colonial settlements, known for its cobbled streets and guitar strumming troubadours. There was more than one photograph of the vintage American cars of the 50s, in all their bright colours that have become a popular signature image of Cuba

    Cuba’s culture has been successfully popularized in Pakistan under the watch of Ambassador Jesus Zenen Buergo who has had a memorable stint here. This exhibition, on the eve of his departure, introduced the citizens of Islamabad to the fascinating and intriguing images of Cuba.

    Photographic Exhibition by Zulfiqar Ali at Brazilian Embassy, Islamabad

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