Traveling to the last Shangri-La in the world

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    Traveling to the last Shangri-La in the world

    On February 28, 2013, the premier of the Japanese movie “Sougen no isu” (Chair in the plains) was screened at PNCA’s National Art Gallery. This was the first feature film to be shot in Hunza. The movie centers around four lost souls; each in their own way abandoned, scared and empty. The movie ends with all four of them traveling together to the Last Shangri-La in the world, and it is on the white sands in Hunza, they take the first step towards shedding their fears and sorrows. The movie is about finding a family to laugh, care and love, and to find the confidence “to do what is right again and again”, as muttered by the wise 106 year old sage in Hunza.

    For every Pakistani who watches the movie, it is a reminder that a world so beautiful and peaceful exists somewhere in our backyard. A world that in the midst of our own fearful and sorrowful world can offer solace, shelter and sagacity. And, if we are lucky, we may take the time and chance to travel to the last Shangri-La in the world.

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