Happy Chinese New Year 2018

    youlinmagazine.com is Pakistan China Institute’s flagship cultural website, the first one in both English and Chinese. Created with the objective of acting as a cultural bridge between the people of China and Pakistan, it has its pulse on the resurgent and vibrant cultural scene of Pakistan.

    Youlin carries articles on a wide range of themes, from theatre, music, fashion, food, literature, television, film, travel, sports, art, architecture to philanthropy. The articles are both from China and Pakistan for the purpose of fostering a better socio-cultural understanding of the people of the two countries.

    Since it first came online in July 2012, Youlin has increasingly become the go-to website for our expatriates wanting to keep in touch with the latest cinematic, theatre or art offerings, and which philanthropic initiatives to support.  It has successfully captured the essence of a Pakistan that has stabilized after the launch of the operation against terrorists, is on a trajectory of progress, development and a cultural revival that seems to be on a turbo drive.