Art Review: Adeel uz Zafar

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    Adeel uz Zafar's artwork - Art Exhibition by Adeel uz Zafar at Khaas Gallery, Islamabad

    Adeel uz Zafar's artwork

    There was a private showing of Adeel uz Zafar’s etchings, whose unusual art form took the Islamabad art aficionados by surprise by their grim starkness.

    Adeel hails from Karachi where he has been teaching at the Karachi Grammar School and the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. With experience in illustrating children’s books for many years, his subjects are etchings of rabbits, teddy bears, flying tigers or monsters. They are three-dimensional prints of stuffed toys wrapped in gauze bandages, but the work is painstaking and intricate because each thread is drawn by hand.

    Art Exhibition by Adeel uz Zafar at Khaas Gallery, Islamabad

    He has made a name for himself with his novel scratch technique with sharp instruments on canvas or vinyl. His subjects, children’s stuffed toys, are camouflaged beneath bandages from top to toe, and it is for the viewer to speculate as to the message behind the camouflaged reality; the frustration of the subjects is obvious, as they sit there unable to see or move, denied freedom of the use of their senses or movement, a handicapped existence where any kind of self-expression is impossible.

    Adeel uz Zafar’s work stands out for the originality of his concept and the finesse of the craftsmanship of his etchings. Those interested in buying his work can contact

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