Fine Italian at Cosa Nostra

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    Fine Italian at Cosa Nostra

    Cosa Nostra

    Cosa Nostra is a name that has been synonymous with quality dining in Lahore since the early 2000’s. Brimming with foodies on a daily basis, it is one of the most popular places in Lahore serving delectable Italian food.

    Fine Italian at Cosa Nostra

    The Ravioli

    The upper story of the restaurant has a sublime and formal feel to it and is exclusively for fine-dining. This particular section has been quite popular for its pre-set seven-course meal, a tradition that fascinated and lured many a food-loving Lahori.  There is also an ala-carte menu with a myriad of Italian dishes that are infused with traditional Italian flavours and presented in an immaculate style. The La-Tavola, as it is called, is lined with vintage photographs of the family that started the restaurant and their Italian kith and kin.  Items in particular which excite the taste buds include the ravioli, the steaks, clay roasted lamb and stuffed chicken with herb butter. The Spinach Ravioli, stuffed with creamy spinach and topped with a tomato sauce, blends the flavour of cheese and spinach with the slightly tangy and sweet taste of tomato, striking a perfect balance of rich flavours.

    If one is in the mood for some good quality beef, Cosa Nostra offers a list of different cuts of steak that are served with scrumptious accompaniments, including piping hot mashed potatoes with a fine cheese crust, creamed spinach, fried beans and jacket potatoes with sour cream. The steaks are served on a sizzling platter that ensures that not only do the steaks remain piping hot but, if served medium rare/medium/medium well, continue to cook for a short while, with the customer being able to adjust it as per personal preference. The steaks are topped with either black pepper or mushroom sauce that compliments the flavour of the meat. For further enhancement, there is an option of adding a dollop Dijon mustard and Worcestershire sauce to the exquisite platter.

    Fine Italian at Cosa Nostra

    The Clay Roasted Lamb is cooked slowly till it is so tender that it breaks apart with the slightest pull of the fork. It is marinated in mild spices which lets the flavour of the meat remain dominant.

    Creamy Asparagus Soup and Roasted Tomato Soup are the perfect starters to the exciting items on the main course.

    Fine Italian at Cosa Nostra

    Frutti della Terra pizza

    Cosa Nostra’s pizzeria offers more affordable prices for a wholesome meal. The thin crust pizzas may not excite the conventional Desi pallet that craves for the thick crust ‘naan’ pizzas, but for a true taste of Italy, ‘Cosa’, as it is referred  to by more regular clients, is the place to visit. The light and crisp pizzas are topped either with healthy vegetables or alternatively with pepperoni and chicken pie for the carnivores out there.

    It is safe to assume that the Cosa Nostra burgers are among the best in town. The Fungi Beef and Gorgonzola top the charts of popularity. The beef/ chicken patty completely ‘hit the spot’ and the spices and herbs compliment the meat most wonderfully, bringing out the exquisitely mouth-watering flavours. Topped with cheese, mayo and mustard or in the case of gorgonzola, melted blue cheese, they are just the thing to have if one has a lion’s appetite and is in for an experience of complete decadence.  

    Fine Italian at Cosa Nostra

    BLT burger

    The brunch at Cosa Nostra likewise induces a food coma and the sheer variety of the items in the buffet makes this place stand out amongst its peers. The Eggs Benedict could perhaps be less well done as traditionally it is meant to have a runny yolk to soak the bread and drizzle over the tomato and veal, but it is still generally up to the mark. Then there is the Vegetable Pie with a white sauce and vegetable filling topped with a buttery crust, the pasta smothered in cheese and mixed with chopped meat, baked beans, chicken sausages, sautéed mushrooms and a choice of meats. The chicken roast is cooked in the skin to really bring the flavours out, and neither the Corned Beef nor the Hunter Beef lag behind in the least in terms of enriched taste.

    It would be unjust if a meal of this grandeur did not contain a dessert for a perfect happy ending. Pancakes, waffles and French toast are an integral part of an indulgent breakfast and Cosa Nostra is well aware of that! The waffles are toasted to perfection and not overwhelmingly sweet, while the pancakes are succulent; and the French toast is moist giving you a next to heavenly experience when topped with home-made vanilla custard, chocolate sauce, melted butter, honey and maple syrup.

    So, the next time you wish to gorge your troubles away, do kiss your weighing machine and doctor goodbye and indulge in a food feast ala Cosa Nostra.

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