Chambaili: Fragrance of Freedom

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    Chambaili: Fragrance of Freedom


    Pakistani film 2013

    Actors: Salman Peerzada, Maira Khan and Shafqat Cheema

    Director: Ismail Jilani

    Production: Independent Film in association with Geo Films

    Currently showing at Cinepax Rawalpindi


    The film is about the angst of the Pakistani middle class faced with the challenges of a corrupt ruling class turned land mafia. The storyline might appear simplistic, but the issues are familiar for Pakistanis: the political class feels that they are born to rule, being “sardars” they perpetuate their hold on political and economic power with the use of coercion and violence, when necessary; in the shadows is the unsavoury character of the son, being groomed to take over the family enterprise; that the middle classes are effete and self-absorbed, wanting an easy way out, if necessary through emigration. The message of the film is that change can be brought about by committed youth, and no sacrifice is great enough for the “sohni dharti”.

    The first half of the film is faster paced and less predictable than the second half, and the acting is superb. The trials that the nation has undergone over the last five years have led to a burst of creative activity in Pakistan, this film being one example of it. Definitely worth seeing, unless addicted to the mindless opiate of Bollywood.

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