Cultural roots of Art and Architecture in Punjab

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    Cultural roots of Art and Architecture in Punjab

    A five day conference on the theme of Cultural roots of Art and Architecture of Punjab was held under the auspices of Trust for History, Art and Architecture, of Pakistan THAAP, University of Gujrat and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Distinguished scholars participated with their papers on the subjects of Punjab’s rich culture and magnificent architecture. The speakers on various sessions were of the view that Punjab’s culture is a rich amalgamation of local and foreign customs, it has been incessantly evolving for the last many centuries, but at the same time holding true to its core values as well. The art exhibition at Gallery 39K on the said theme was a sight to behold. The papers presented by scholars covered various themes including the Punjabi art and craft, architecture, Punjabi Language (and how we lost it), heritage of Bazaars and the sacred roots of the wonderful Punjabi traditions.

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