The Contemporary 'Quintet' at Khaas

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    The Contemporary 'Quintet' at Khaas

    This Tuesday Khaas Gallery opened with an unusual sort of quintet, where the melody of the group was silent, but visually expressed through different mediums featuring miniatures, sketches, prints, and installations. Each of the five recently graduated artists from NCA Pindi constructed visually different pieces that were conceptually tied together, each commenting on the current socio-political state that they inhabit.
    Benazir Hayat created a series of untitled digital prints that depicted the “struggle for money and no intention to help the deserving”. In one of the prints, the Hayat lies between a torn Rupee note and a bleeding heart in the shape of a grenade. Malghalara Kalim’s installation, “what flowers at my feet”, experimented with “unusual materials to highlight the issues that she felt society has become indifferent to”; coloured bombs lie at the feet of a dress with a bow constructed only out of caution tape. Two other installations “Ballerina” and “False Protection” were designed using Panaflex, newspapers, latex and digital prints. Schezre Syed created a personal journal titled “The Blind Print”, commenting on the “speed of life and then how that speed impacts the human body and psyche.” The journal highlights objects that we use in our daily life to shed light on the way we understand very hour, minute and second of our lives.

    The inauguration of the exhibition was bustling with prominent art personalities and art buyers and collectors. Reasonably priced between Rs7200 and Rs32, 000 the young artists promised to be a compelling and innovatory addition to the contemporary art scene.

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