Ambassador Liu Jian commemorates the successful convention of the 18th National Congress and China's Leadership Transition with the Pakistan-China Institute

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     - Ambassador Liu Jian commemorates the successful convention of the 18th National Congress and China's Leadership Transition with the Pakistan-China Institute

    The Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, His Excellency Liu Jian, hosted the Pakistan-China Institute at the Chinese Embassy on Thursday, November 15, 2012. He welcomed Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, the Chairman of the Institute, and other PCI members to the dinner held in their honour.

    Senator Mushahid congratulated Ambassador Jian on the successful conclusion of China’s 18th National Congress and the smooth transition of power the country had witnessed the past week. He commended the transparency of the Chinese political system, as well as the Communist Party’s dedication to ‘clean government building’ and its vision for the future. He noted that the newly elected leaders of the party were highly educated academicians, in addition to boasting extensive experience of governance in a number of areas, and he expressed his conviction that with such a leadership as this in China, its cooperation and friendship with Pakistan would continue to  deepen and expand.

    Ambassador Jian briefed the guests on the recently concluded Congress, talking of the challenges that the newly elected Chinese government would face ahead and the momentous tasks it had to accomplish. He reiterated that the most important area it intended to focus on was domestic development. Laying emphasis on the value of ‘progress at home,’ he said that the people’s expectations must be met with effective policies in all key areas, including politics, culture, ecology and especially the economy. He said that by 2020, a hundred years after the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, China aimed to establish itself as one of the world’s well off societies. And to mark the first century of the emergence of the People’s Republic of China, it aimed to realize, by 2049, the development of a completely modernized Chinese society.

    Recalling his attendance of the launch of the Youlin website in July 2012, he commended its growing success and popularity, and expressed his appreciation of the commitment of the Pakistan-China Institute to the cause of broader people to people contact, and its endeavors for strengthening the historic bond of friendship under Senator Mushahid’s dedicated direction. He laid emphasis on the role of the youth in this regard and stated that their engagement would ensure that this relationship was carried from generation to generation. He also stated that the key to bridging the social and cultural gap lay in facilitating communication, and discussed the Confucius Institute’s important role in disseminating the Chinese language in Pakistan and across the globe.

    Senator Mushahid thanked the Ambassador for the generous invitation extended to PCI and for his kind words about the work of the Pakistan-China Institute. Commenting on His Excellency’s briefing on the transition of power in China, he asserted that Pakistan constantly learnt from the great example of its neighbor and an unwavering belief in the importance of their friendship was one of the core issues on which all political actors in Pakistan agreed unanimously. He highlighted the difference in the Chinese and Western approaches to relations with Pakistan, and echoed the Ambassador’s stance that where certain other states took to a constant refrain of asking Pakistan to ‘do more,’ China always pushed itself to do more, and help its friends and neighbors. He expressed his belief that the destiny of their two nations was intertwined and, and that their bond would continue to go from strength to strength.

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