'Top Quality Travel Routes' in Xinjiang

    Written by: Huai Jin
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    Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang (source: Xinhuanet) - Top Quality Travel Routes in Xinjiang

    Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang (source: Xinhuanet)

    Recently, ten ‘Top Quality Travel Routes’ and nine typical landscapes in Xinjiang were selected by both internet users and specialists, and the results were issued jointly by the Xinjiang Tourism Bureau and tourism companies.

    Xinjiang is rich in tourist resources, and of the total 68 categories of tourism resources in China, Xinjiang possesses 56, which is 83%. Nine typical categories of tourism resources are deserts, Gobi, oasis, grassland, snow mountains, lakes, routes of the ancient Silk Road, ethnic folk customs, and historical sites.

    The Ten ‘Top Quality Travel Routes’ issued are the products of fine designing, and they integrate rich tourism resources and the typical tourist attractions in South and North Xinjiang, including mountains, rivers and local ethnic customs. All these will offer specialities and unique experiences of the region to tourists, leading them to travel to the past and present Xinjiang.

    Here are the ten ‘Top Quality Travel Routes’:

    Route One: Grassland Tour across Tianshan Mountains (Urumqi — Yining— Narati— Bayinbluk— Urumqi)

    Heavenly Lake - Top Quality Travel Routes in Xinjiang

    Heavenly Lake (source: Visit Our China)

    Route Two: South and North Xinjiang Self-Driving Tour (Urumqi—Tianshan Mountains Heavenly Lake — Burqin— Jiadengyu — Hemu Village — Karamay — Sayram Lake—Yining—Narati—Bayinbluk—Hejing—Turpan—Urumqi)

    Route Three: 5A Tourist Attractions Tour (Urumqi—Koktokay—Burqin—Jiadengyu—Hemu Village—Karamay—Sayram Lake—Yining—Narati—Bayinbluk—Turpan—Urumqi)

    Hemu Village (source - Panoramio) - Top Quality Travel Routes in Xinjiang

    Hemu Village (source: Panoramio)

    Route Four: Classic Travel Route in Vast Xinjiang (Urumqi—Tianshan Mountains Heavenly Lake— Fuyun— Koktokay — Burqin— Kanas — Burqin— Urho Demon City — Urumqi—Turpan—Urumqi)

    Route Five: Yili Zhaosu Grassland Cultural Tour (Urumqi—Yining—Zhaosu—Tekes—Yining—Urumqi)

    Tangbula Grassland - Top Quality Travel Routes in Xinjiang

    Tangbula Grassland (source: China Tour Advisors)

    Route Six: Historical Culture Tour in South Xinjiang (Urumqi— Turpan— Korla — Minfeng —Hotan —Kashgar — Tashkurgan — Khunjerab Pass—Kashgar—Aksu—Kuqa—Korla—Urumqi?

    Route Seven: Tour of Routes of Ancient Silk Road (Urumqi—Tianshan Mountains- Heavenly Lake Ti—Urumqi—Turpan—Hami—Dunhuang—Xi’an)

    Route Eight: Sightseeing Leisure Tour in North Xinjiang (Urumqi—Tianshan Mountains Heavenly Lake—Fuyun—Koktokay—Burqin—Kanas—Burqin—Kuitun—Yining—Narati—Yining—Urumqi—Turpan—Urumqi)

    Tashkurgan and the Pamir Mountains - Top Quality Travel Routes in Xinjiang

    Tashkurgan and the Pamir Mountains (source: Far West China)

    Route Nine: Ethnic Customs Photography Tour in South Xinjiang (Urumqi—Lunnan—Tazhong—Minfeng—Hotan—Kashgar—Tashkurgan—Kashgar—Urumqi)

    Route Ten: Winter-Snow Tour in South Xinjiang Scenery (Urumqi—Aksu—Kashgar—Tashkurgan—Kashgar—Urumqi)

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