'Dreams Encounters'

    Written by: Salma Chaudhry - Posted on: May 28, 2014 | Post your comment here Comments

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    'Dreams Encounters'

    ‘Dreams Encounters’, exhibited at Hamail Art Galleries in Lahore was a collection of Tassaduq Sohail’s paintings. Flora and fauna were presented beautifully depicting the ancient life in South Asia.  The artist had exposed the exquisiteness, lush greenery, magnificence of animals and birds, gorgeous trees touching the sky, with thick flora and the opacity of bushes. Oil had been used on canvas to reveal his extreme love for nature. The artist, Tassaduq Sohail had been living in the United Kingdon for almost 40 years and studied art at the Saint Martin’s School of Art in London. Having returned to Pakistan recently, he is now based in Karachi. The paintings show a world of artist’s imagination of places where he was born and spent his childhood.  Tassaduq who is a short story writer depicts this talent of his through his paintings as well. The paintings exhibited at Hamail Art Galleries showed the theme of love and peace. He uses female figures in an artistic way to depict the human life of primitive times. The handling of pictures and their appearance illustrate the concern for primitive times.  His work reveals his imagination so beautifully that it can be interpreted in multiple ways. His work is principally descriptive, and is loaded with symbols with a bit of unreal attributes here and there. The notion of inspiration in primitive scenery canvas, that logic of being besieged by the vastness and splendor of nature can be observed in the paintings. Hitherto, it offers a completely novel means of feeling the intricacy of landscape painting and understanding its importance for expressing the primitive human life. There is something agitated about the energetic abundance of insignia, imagery, insinuation and consistency. This gripping imitation of metaphors is resonated in Tassaduq’s love for storytelling, illuminating the image’s distinguished attractiveness and chronological significance. These works of art are filled with images of trees, thick flora, and other scenery essentials; but they are still imaginary assembles that depend on observer’s interpretation of elements whilst urging them  to let their mind to transfer them to peaceful and elegiac world of striking shades, where animals and plants inhabit the land.

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