Using Calligraphy to discuss society and politics

    Written by: Salma Chaudhry - Posted on: March 17, 2014 | Post your comment here Comments

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    Using Calligraphy to discuss society and politics

    Calligraphy to discuss society and politics

    The Hamail Art Gallery at the MM Alam Road witnessed a wonderful calligraphy exhibition showcasing Islamic history and culture, issues facing the society and political states of affairs. The paintings on display were by Riaz Rafi who is a painter based in Karachi. Riaz Rafi is a man of many talents being a painter, a brilliant Kathak performer and also a social worker. The event was inaugurated by the Governor of Punjab Mr. Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar who lauded the work saying that it depicted the beautiful Islamic culture and its values. He also said that such exhibitions must be held regularly for the promotion of art and craft.  Rafi’s art pieces were both thought provoking and stimulating, with an aim to highlight social and political issues. Calligraphy had been used perfectly by the painter to illustrate the political situation of the prevailing society. Pieces on display included the portrayal of the Abbas Town Blast in Karachi and the exhibition attracted a large number of people including renowned painters, art lovers and performers like Nighat Chaudhry, who also happens to be Rafi’s Kathak Dance instructor. The exhibition continued for a week receiving a lot of praise from the attendees.

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