Youlin's Personality of the Year

    Written by: Dr Dushka H Saiyid
    Posted on: December 31, 2015 | Post your comment here Comments | 中文

     - Personality of the Year for 2015

    Pakistan’s environment is undergoing unbridled degradation, while its population continues to grow at the phenomenal rate of 2.1 per cent annually.  Shockingly enough, none of Pakistan’s cities has a solid waste management system. Even in Islamabad, the capital city, the hospital waste is not properly disposed, posing a threat to public health; nor is any effort being made to keep our water sources clean from dangerous effluents.

    In this milieu of indifference, Hanniah Tariq, a young girl from Karachi, has taken up the challenge to clean up the garbage that mountaineers have left behind at high altitudes by launching High Altitude Sustainability, a non-governmental organisation. Despite being strapped for funds, her commitment to the cause of environment has brought her into the field.

    Many talented personalities made their mark in 2015 in the fields of art, culture and sports, but Hanniah’s example shone like a beacon of light in the dark and neglected field of environment. In recognition of her courageous initiative to give back to the community, and as an expression of support for her cause, Youlin has selected her as the Personality of the Year for 2015.

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