'Journey' - An Artistic Voyage through Sindh

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    Painting Exhibition 'Journey' at Gallery 6, Islamabad - Gallery 6 Exhibition Journey - An Artistic Voyage through Sindh

    Painting Exhibition 'Journey' at Gallery 6, Islamabad

    Gallery 6 is currently hosting a painting exhibition by the eminent national artist Hussain Chandio. This is the Sindhi artist’s first exhibition in the capital. Titled ‘Journey’, this series of paintings is Chandio’s artistic exploration of the rural areas of Sindh and its vibrant culture. All of the paintings featured in this exhibition have been painted from an all-encompassing, bird’s eye perspective – it is almost as if Chandio’s is clarifying that his paintings are simply observations and in no way an accurate portrayal of his surroundings.

    Gallery 6 Exhibition 'Journey' - An Artistic Voyage through Sindh

    The subjects featured in the paintings are quintessentially Sindhi. The ceramic bangles worn by women, the tanned skin of all subjects (a reminder of the scorching summers in Sindh) and the bright colored cholis, lehngas and shalwar kameez all testify to the artist’s love for his place of origin. Detailing has been painstakingly ensured in all paintings, which adds a whole new dimension to the figures, making them seem almost three dimensional. Chandio’s biggest feat in this series of paintings is his ability to portray motion. None of the subjects seem static; instead, there is a queer mobility that all the subjects seem to possess. It is the technique employed for the backdrops of the paintings that gives them this mysterious feature of being continuously in flux. The restrained choice of colors, staining and blending in the background makes it seem as if the subjects are just about to break into motion. The dim backgrounds also help bring depth to the brightly colored dresses donned by the subjects

    Gallery 6 Exhibition 'Journey' - An Artistic Voyage through Sindh

    Another of Chandio’s inspirations has been drawn from sea and fishermen, working in opposition to one another. The vantage point has been cleverly chosen by the artist since it induces a feeling of vertigo in the person looking at the painting; one can almost detect that the boats in the paintings are about to topple over. There is also a hint of the solitude that the sea brings with itself – most fishermen appear to be battling with the sea, its vast expanse, power and accompanying loneliness in an attempt to earn their livelihood.

    The prices of the pieces on display begin from Rs 25,000, which is quite affordable for art enthusiasts looking for a mixture of landscape and abstract art. The exhibition will continue at Gallery 6 until 8th August 2015.

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