The Sachal Orchestra at LLF

    Written by: Salma Chaudhry - Posted on: February 27, 2014 | Post your comment here Comments

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    The Lahore Literary Festival 2014 featured evening length performances by famed Kathak dancer Naheed Siddiqui on Day I and the Sachal Orchestra on Day II. Youlin brings you coverage of both events.

    Naheed Siddiqui - Photo by Aleeza Rasool

    The Sachal Orchestra at LLF – Salma Chaudhry

    Music enthusiasts, especially those who love Jazz, were in their element on the second day at the Lahore Literary Festival as Sachal began its stellar performance in Hall No. 1 at the Alhamra, giving the people one great composition after the other. The festival had been bustling with people all three days as literature and books were discussed, purchased, appreciated and recommended.  An appealing accumulation, and a breathtaking delight, was the addition of the Sachal group whose musicians demonstrated an admirable grasp of their instruments. The performance had attracted a large crowd; by the designated starting time of 8 pm the hall was jam-packed and one couldn’t move an inch.

    The curtains were raised and the audience burst into a round of applause as the musicians, including Najat Ali, who conducts the performances, the amazing tabla player Ustad Baalu Khan and Baqir Abbas who mesmerizes the audience with his flute, entered on stage. 

    Sachal performing at the Alhamra (Video provided by Shagufta Rehan)

    A fully-packed house of people danced in their seats, clapped their hands and gave the Sachal orchestra a warm response as they played captivating tunes one after the other. Hundreds of feet-tapping and slowly-clapping spectators enjoyed the recital which included renditions like Take Five and Stand by me. The rendition of the Pink Panther theme music and Nur Jehan’s famous ‘Sanu Nehr Wale Pul Te’ received the most enthusiastic applause. It was fantastic to witness people paying warm homage to the persistence in musical expression.

    They enjoyed as the music washed over every corner of the hall, taking the enthralled listeners into the world of comfort and harmony. As the violin and sitar leisurely set the atmosphere, tabla expert Baalu jee joined in for the pledged teamwork. The concert was a huge success and the roaring round of applause and the standing ovation by the crowd was  evidence of that.


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