Koel Café: A Serene Escape into Delectable Food and Delightful Art

    Written by: Nageen Shaikh
    Posted on: May 27, 2016 | Post your comment here Comments | 中文

    Koel Cafe and art gallery - Koel Cafe in Karachi

    Koel Cafe and art gallery

    Karachi is a bright city brimming with wonderful eateries, vibrant shopping malls, classic heritage monuments, modern coffee houses, and innovative art galleries that always have something fresh on offer. While the city boasts an abundance of diners, cafés and galleries, there is a section of the Karachi populace that craves special places which fuse these elements together. Koel Café and its adjacent art gallery form one such place, located in the peaceful area of Defence, away from the city’s hustle.

    The art gallery and café are both located in the same building, with the eatery situated in the courtyard of the gallery. It is designed as a haven for art lovers who wish to have a relaxing lunch or dinner amidst the ongoing exhibits inside the gallery. Foodies can relish a variety of scrumptious items, within high yet affordable prices. The café offers an ideal outdoor setting, with a theme that fuses artistic endeavors with local culture. It is decorated finely with trees and fans – and as soon as night approaches, the whole place lights up beautifully with subtle hues of orange.

    Koel Cafe in Karachi


    With food being served in the café, the art gallery also hosts exhibitions of its clothes and prints, where people can look into the latest motifs on offer and make purchases from its shop, which is also located inside. High in reputation and excellent in quality, the art gallery and café offer much to the senses of the curious and explorative Karachiite.

    Koel Cafe in Karachi

    Koel's famous 'Kulcha Sandwiches'

    A woman of many talents, Noorjehan Bilgrami began the groundbreaking Koel project back in 1977, with the aim of reviving traditional Pakistani motif and print that had historically been the essence of art and craft in the region. With exhibitions of its products in numerous countries including Japan, Kuwait and India, the company has collaborated with local artisans and designers to construct a culturally refined sense of fashion and household products. Koel is now a brand of multiple chains that include a publication house, furniture items, as well as dyed cotton and silk clothes for summers and winters. With hand-printed fabrics often employing their signature violet and indigo dyes, based on the cultural motifs of Hala, Bhittshah and Interior Sindh, their minimalistic design approach has given them a distinctive style. The company has expanded significantly, with outlets in leading malls and limited yet distinct prints.

    Koel Cafe in Karachi


    Based on my own wonderful experiences, I would highly recommend Koel Cafe – whether you’re looking for some solitude or some quality time with family and friends – to enjoy a night out in an airy and tranquil courtyard with delicious food, charming local music, and marvelous art.


    All images have been taken from the ‘Koel Café’ and ‘Koel Gallery’ Facebook pages.

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