Irtiqa - Leadership for Social Change

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    Irtiqa - Leadership for Social Change

    “If at the first glance the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”, a quote by Albert Einstein was written on the first page of Irtiqa’s booklet. Irtiqa, a conference organized by Acumen Pakistan Class of 2013, was all about discussing and presenting ideas, as bizarre as they may be, for ideas transform into solutions and eventually bring about a social change. The conference, organized at the premises of the Ali Institute had various segments including Infrastructure, human growth, art and societal progress, peace and tolerance as well as the role of national institutions. The conference aimed to foster vital dialogue at the juncture of administration and communal liability. Some of the pioneering experts,  intellectuals and ardent advocates of peace and tolerance came together for a collective objective which was to unchain the potential of novel industries and expertise to transform Pakistan via social change, and also to convert these abilities into achievements.

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