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    IV Festival of Brazilian Cinema in Pakistan

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    IV Festival of Brazilian Cinema in Pakistan

    Ambassador Alfredo Leoni has made Pakistanis aware of the richness of Brazilian culture through repeated offerings of music, art and films. Thursday saw the opening of the VI Brazilian Film Festival with the screening of the film Xingu to a packed audience. People who had not reserved seats in advance, had to be turned back.

    It is a story about the struggle to preserve the indigenous peoples culture and rights over land, against an encroaching state bent on building a modern infrastructure on their territory. The film raises very relevant questions about what is progress and development, and the role of the state; and  can two civilisations accommodate each other, without annihilating the indigenous people through violence and disease?

    Directed by Cao Hamburger, the film is a reflection of the self-questioning within the Brazilian society of its treatment of the different civilsations that constitute it: Afro-Brazilians, indigenous Indians and those of white European origin. It is an approach lacking in the complacent and self-righteous American society, who have almost annihilated their indigenous Indians.

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