Join the Movement for a Green Islamabad

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    Join the Movement for a Green Islamabad

    Trying to break free from the restraint of cars and the daily routine of traffic, Critical Mass Islamabad (CMI) brought to the city an alternative mode of movement that brings together families, strangers and cycling enthusiasts. Although, their weekly cycling forays feature on and off road biking, this Sunday CMI in collaboration with Shehrsaaz will host its fifth big mega ride. The two organizations have joined hands to work with CDA and ITP for the event with the aim to push the authorities to create separate safe lanes for bicyclists as well as improve the mobility of women and children within the city. In order to raise awareness for the big event, CMI and Shehrsaaz held a joint presentation at Kuch Khaas, Shehrsaaz, a national non-government platform has been working for the past couple of years to create sustainable human settlements through active research, advocacy and planning support. Recently, Shehrsaaz also launched a national environmental awareness campaign by the name of “Ain Amal”.  This Sunday is the time for the residents of the city to collect and mobilize our selves to plan for progress, to think of a green future, that is safe and one day live in a bicycle friendly Islamabad.

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