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    'Me and My Rights'

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    Google Translation: اُردو | 中文

    'Me and My Rights'

    When art is brought into a child’s life at a young stage, inquisitiveness and ingenuity are liable to flourish with superb stimulation. Under the banner of The Little Art, ArtBeat-National Art Exhibitions is a novel project. The theme for this year’s ArtBeat was ‘Me and My rights’ which intended to enthuse young fellows to use visual art as a means that breaks down the obstacles for them and lets them envision the world outside of their own traditions. The exhibition was held at the Faiz Ghar in Lahore and attracted schools, institutions and non-governmental organizations from all over the country. It was indeed moving to see the young minds illustrate their thoughts and ideas about contemporary society and the world that they live in, using the medium of visual art.  The event continued for three days and the guests included children, their parents, teachers and many others from various sections of the society, who lauded the efforts that the children had put in as well as ‘The Little Art’ for providing them with the opportunity to articulate themselves.

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